Treating Discoloration

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Treating discoloration can be a frustrating experience, as it is a difficult condition to manage, lasers can make it worse, and certain skincare treatments can be ineffective. We see many patients who are incredibly skeptical in starting a new skincare routine, because they have tried so many treatments and invested so much money without results. 

One of the most common forms of discoloration that we treat at La Jolla Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center is Melasma. 

Melasma is a common pigmentation disorder that causes brown or gray patches to appear on the skin, primarily on the face. The most common areas for melasma to appear are on the cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. Melasma can be due to hormonal changes during pregnancy or from birth control or sun exposure. A chronic skin condition, it needs to be managed 12 months of the year.

Dr. Shirazi sees her Melasma patients every 3 months to adjust their skincare regimens depending on the status of their discoloration and the seasons/time of year.

Dr. Shirazi’s melasma patients are on a combination of both “over-the-counter” AziMD Skincare that can be purchased on this website AND Prescription AziMD products. Prescription AziMD products are available to patients of Dr. Shirazi who have been evaluated by either in-person or virtual appointment.

To learn more about booking an in-person or virtual appointment, please click here to contact our office.

Some of the over-the-counter” AziMD Skincare that our patients use to treat discoloration include the following products:


  • IllumiC FE and illumiC Classic were developed with a potent and stabilized medical grade Vitamin C and are full of antioxidants to help prevent the signs of sun and free radical damage, as well as to help diminish sun damage that has already occurred.
  • The DermaBright pads are full of Kojic acid , Bearberry, Ascorbic acid, and green tea to gently improve the appearance of dark spots. The addition of Hydroquinone to these pads enhances the lightening of the dark spots even more.
  • Sunscreen protection is vital when working towards improving discoloration and our SPF powder brushes, HydratintBB, and Clear Defense SPF all work synergistically with our discoloration products to aid in prevention of new discoloration from forming and diminishing the discoloration that may already be visible.

For the best results in completely treating your discoloration or for more complex conditions such as melasma, a medical evaluation and other prescriptions may be necessary in order to achieve desired results.

Our SkinBright membership program is the best investment if you are suffering from melasma- please contact our office for more details.

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She has received multiple research scholarships from iconic institutions including Harvard University and the University Of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and has several peer-reviewed publications to her name.