How To Apply

Azelaic 10

How to apply: Shake well. Apply 3-5 drops to clean damp skin after toning or cleansing.

Clarify Pads

How to apply: Gently sweep a single pad over the skin. Start with one to three times a week, increasing up to daily if well-tolerated. May be used on the face and targeted areas of the body as a cleanser and toner in one.


How to apply: Gently sweep over full face once or twice daily as tolerated. Follow with serum and moisturizer. If excessive dryness or irritation occurs, use less frequently or discontinue use..

Detox Mask

How to apply: Apply the mask in a thin layer to clean skin. Allow to dry for up to 15min. Rinse off with warm water. Start once weekly. May increase to 2-3 times a week as tolerated.

Exfoliating Cleanser

How to apply: Press down on the pump twice to dispense the cleansing foam onto fingers. Gently massage the foam all over your face and neck in circular motion, avoiding your eyes. Once the face is lathered in foam, rinse the cleansing foam off to remove any residual dirt or cleanser on your face.

Eyeglow AM

How to apply: Dispense half a pump on the cooling applicator and gently glide over the lower and upper eyelids. Pat excess product with ring finger.

Eyeglow PM

How to applyDispense half to full pump onto ring finger. Tap small dots of this multitasking formula under your eyes using the ring finger, starting in the innermost corner and moving outward. Apply 2-3 times a week until tolerable.

Glow Serum

How to applyShake well. Apply 3-4 drops to clean skin and massage in a circular motion over the full face once or twice daily. 

Hydratint BB Cream SPF 44

How to apply:  Apply 1-2 pumps to face & neck to prevent sun damage, early skin aging, and sunburn. Reapply throughout the day as needed.

Illumic with Ferulic

How to apply: Apply 4 to 6 drops onto fingers gently massaging over the over the face, neck and cheat, avoiding the eye area. Allow illumiC FE to absorb before applying HydratintBB SPF cream. Apply in the morning or as directed by a physician.

Intense Recovery Complex

How to apply: Apply 1-2 bumps to the face and neck after cleansing morning and night.

Lift + Renew Serum

How to applyApply 3-5 drops using your fingertips to gently massage onto clean skin at night. Apply 2-3 times a week until tolerable. Follow with a moisturizer. Replace cap tightly. *Product usage not recommended around eyes or neck area. For more sensitive areas apply a small layer of vaseline before application. Best results seen with consistent use. For best results, use Glow Serum and Hydratint BB SPF44 in the morning. 

Pout Plump SPF30

How to apply: Apply a generous coat to bare lips, staying inside the lip line. Apply as often as desired. 

PuriFY Cleanser

How to apply: Wet the skin with lukewarm water. Apply 1-2 pumps onto clean fingers and apply onto the face in a circular motion. Massage it onto your forehead, along your cheekbones and nose, and on your chin. Rinse off with water.  Pat your face dry with a clean towel. Use in the morning and at night. Removes makeup and is safe on the eye area.


How to apply:  After cleansing skin, apply to desired areas (face, neck, décolleté) in the evening or as directed by your doctor. When used in conjunction with a retinoid, allow retinoid application to dry before applying cream.


How to apply: Apply 3-5 drops to clean skin on the face, neck, and decollete. Gently massage in the serum until it’s fully absorbed. Follow with a moisturizer.

Soothe HC

How to apply: Apply to the affected area 3-4 times a day or as needed. SootheHC is for external use only, please keep away from eyes, mouth, and nose.

Sunkissed Powder SPF

How to apply: Press bristles lightly against the skin. Brush the powder generously over the face. Reapply when needed.

The One

How to apply: Spray directly onto affected areas starting once daily, then gradually increase to 2 times daily as tolerated. Given risk of skin drying be sure to moisturize regularly. If excessive dryness or peeling occurs, reduce application to once daily every other day. Allow the product to dry before dressing. Avoid face, especially eyes, lips and mouth.

UV Clear Powder

How to apply: Press bristles lightly against the skin. Brush the powder generously over the face. Reapply when needed.

Zit Roller

How to apply: Gently roll over areas of breakout. Can be used all over the face as needed.