A Beginner's Guide To Gua Sha

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Gua sha- if you haven’t heard of this tool then you must be living under a rock! This ancient tool has taken over social media by storm. But in fact, its cultural significance in Eastern medicine goes back centuries. But does this tool really work? If so, how do we use it? In this short blog, Dr. Azi simplifies gua sha for us. 

What is gua sha?

Gua Sha is using half moon-shaped stones to massage the face in a specific pattern that boosts circulation and promotes lymphatic drainage. 

What are the benefits of using gua sha?

The main benefits are reducing puffiness and relieving tension. 

Are the results long-term?

While gua sha may lead to improvements in the skin's appearance, results are often temporary. There are many claims that it sculpts your cheekbones or defines your jawline but that’s typically due to enhancing lymphatic drainage. The face puffs up overnight because when you lie down to sleep fluid collects in the face and around the eyes. After a round of gun sha, your cheekbones look more sculpted as the excess fluid is flushed into the body’s natural detoxification.

How do I start?

It’s best to apply gentle pressure as heavy strokes can lead to bruising, irritation, and broken capillaries.  Use a quarter size serum or oil to glide the gun sha in a feather-like strokes working towards the sides of the face. Dr. Azi recommends HydrateRX as lighter serum or anti-aging face oils

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