AziMD Skincare

Zit Roller


An easy to apply, roll-on spot treatment.

A convenient roll-on spot treatment for oily, blemish-prone skin to help purify and minimize acne-causing bacteria.

How to Use:

Gently roll over areas of breakout. Can be used all over the face as needed.


Key Ingredients:

  • Salicylic Acid to control and balance oil.
  • Benzoyl Peroxide to help purify and minimize acne.


For Best Results:

After, apply Intense Recovery Complex to moisturize.


    Customer Reviews

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    Valerie Blackwell
    Nice spot treatment

    My teenaged daughter usually only has hormone related outbreaks, so she typically only needs a local treatment during that time. This seems to be doing trick quickly. She puts it on the spot before it "pops" up and it resolves itself quickly.

    Alfredo Muñoz

    I recently bought the product in hopes that it could stop my habit of picking at pimples. And it worked! I would always pick at my pustular acne because the acne didn’t look pleasing and would take forever to go away. The problem with me picking at my acne was the chance of it scarring my face. So I looked to social media to find a solution. When suddenly I saw Dr. Azi’s video on her using the zit roller. After looking at the before and after pictures I was convinced. I decided to buy the zit roller the same day and have been using it for two weeks now. And it works! Not only did it stop me from picking at my acne, but it also cleared in a day or two. However, I found that it leaves my oily skin very dry when used frequently. Regardless, everyday before I go to school I rub this product on areas that are prone and enjoy my day. And since I’ve been doing this I haven’t had a pimple since! Although I still have to deal with post acne marks. Which hopefully will go away as time goes. Overall, I label this product a success! And, I already recommended it to a friend and recommend anyone with acne to try it out!

    Olivia Wagner
    The best spot treatment!

    I've tried lots of spot treatments before and this is the only one I have actually noticed a difference with! If I have a pimple starting I put this on right away and it sometimes doesn't even turn into a pimple or goes away way faster than it normally would! Anyone who has acne would LOVE this

    Adrian Davis
    It works

    Still using it but it seems to work well

    Daaiyah White
    Zit Roller is EXCELLENT

    I ordered the Zit Roller because I saw it on TikTok but I never imagined how well it would work! At the first feeling of a pimple I put the roller on twice a day and pithing 2-3 days it is gone! I used to be a pimple popper but no longer! This Zit Roller is awesome.

    Customer Reviews

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