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Skincare routines are essential for your skin in order to see improvement. A lot of people ask, what skincare routine should I be using for my skin type? We,, Dr. Shirazi delivered. These personalized AM & PM skincare routines based on your skin concern are specifically designed to product amazing results.

Created by Dr. Shirazi

All of these skincare menus were created by Dr. Shirazi to help people who can't make a trip to the Dermatologist still be able to get a customized skincare routine based on their concerns. She's so excited to finally launch her Skincare Menus and help as many people as possible. But, that's not all. She also wants to see you document your story! Take before & after photos and send them to us along with your written testimonial for your change to be featured on our website and help other people who had a similar experience to you! 

Medical Grade Products

Are steeped in science, are comprehensive and good for your skin.

A routine that works

Simple 3 step, 2 times a day routines specifically designed by Dr. Shirazi that actually work.

Created by Dr. Shirazi

Invest in your new skincare routine with ease knowing that they were put together and created by a board-certified Dermatologist. 

Before & After Using AziMD Skincare



Thank you to the kind esthetician who recommended this kit for me! I stressed how sensitive my skin is to almost everything, I've been using these products religiously for almost a month now. No irritations, no redness, no red bumps I think I finally found a brand I can use daily! :)



I call this kit my acne essentials. Before starting these products, my acne was horrible and now my skin is clear. Thank you for saving my skin Dr. Azi!! For the guys out there, I too was skeptical at first because of the bag it comes with. But I gave it to my mom for her birthday and she absolutely loves it! So think of it this way- for a discounted price you are saving your skin AND saving money on a gift for that special woman in your life lol I say it's well worth it!!



With so many products out there it is hard to know what to use and what not to use. I loved that this was a kit that had everything I needed in it, it took out all of the guess work and my skin has never been clearer!