Everything You Need to Know About Lip Filler

Are you prepared for your lip filler appointment? There's so much that goes into deciding to get a lip filler procedure, and we're here to help. Here's what to expect from a lip filler appointment. Preparation, appointment details, and after care for lip filler procedures. 


How important is seeing a professional?


  • This is the most important determining factor of your lip filler appearance and experience. Depending on what lip shape you’re going for, you should see a different Doctor or Nurse. Do your research!
  • Facial filler injections are a true technical art. Dr. Azadeh Shirazi takes the time to do a detailed analysis of those muscles as well as spend a lot of time in communication with you to create the best aesthetic shape and results for you. Injections may seem like a simple procedure, but this process is both an art and a science.

Setting realistic expectations


  • If you are looking for subtle and natural lips then often times, it may only require one session. However, for larger more fuller lips multiple sessions may be necessary. It’s important to have realistic expectations.  Some asymmetry may be corrected with fillers, however, other may not or they may require the use of Botox.  It’s important to have an initial evaluation to determine your goals.

Swelling and Bruising expectations

  • Swelling and bruising generally lasts between 3-7 days and varies on area, technique, and skin sensitivity.
  • Swelling goes down, don’t be disappointed! You can always book a follow up appointment.
  • If you miss the look of swelling, you can always use a plumping gloss
  • A great option is Platinum Lip Plump by AziMD Skincare.

Preparation for appointment

To minimize the possibility of bruising, you will need to avoid taking any of the following a week before your procedure:

  •  Drugs containing aspirin
  • Anti-inflammatories
  • Alcohol
  • Herbal medications

Patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding cannot have cosmetic injectable treatments.

Before filler pictures from Dr. Azadeh Shirazi at La Jolla Laser Center and Dermatology 


During your appointment

Every treatment will start with a detailed facial analysis and discussion. For your comfort, you can ask to be numbed with topical anesthetic so you feel no pain. Some professionals will use ice and a special wand that also reduces the possibility of pain. Sterility is extremely important to make sure there is no possibility of infection. 

A very thin needle is used to inject small amounts of filler meticulously, precisely, and artistically to create your desired shape and aesthetic based on all things we have discussed and considered. Facial filler procedures usually take 30-60 minutes based on complexity and discussion.


After filler pictures from Dr. Azadeh Shirazi at La Jolla Laser Center and Dermatology 


After your appointment

If directed, you can ice and also massage the treated areas after the procedure. You must refrain from using makeup or placing anything that could have bacteria on your face for 24 hours. No strenuous activity or exercise for 24 hours.

Swelling lasts 3-7 days depending on the area you had injected. Depending on the type of filler, the results will last from several months to years. A long term maintenance plan can be established, in order to reach and maintain your ideal results. 

If you are interested in getting lip filler done by a professional like Dr. Azadeh Shirazi (board- certified dermatologist), make sure to book at www.lajollalaserderm.com.