No Skin Scaries This Halloween

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Your Halloween costume might be scary, but your post-Halloween skin might be scarier. Do you know how bad conventional Halloween makeup is for the skin? Halloween makeup contains more artificial dyes, fragrances, sensitizing chemicals, and oils than your everyday makeup. We recommend going for theatre makeup as it’s safer and better for your skin. Theatre makeup is the best alternative as it’s not as harsh, and is specifically made to withstand long-wear. Mehron Makeup and Alima Pure are brands of theatre makeup that are skin-friendly. Continue reading our top tips to ensure you don’t wake up to any skin issues.

No pre-Halloween face peels

Peels exfoliate and remove the top layer of skin allowing other products to penetrate deeper and more effectively. Applying Halloween makeup after a peel can enhance it’s irritant and clogging properties thereby making reactions and breakouts more likely.

Say goodbye to last year’s makeup

Makeup that goes untouched can cause bacteria to build up and ingredients to break down. Don’t forget that all makeup has an expiration date. The regulatory agency advises you to toss it after three month, as it’s easily prone to contamination.

Check the ingredients 

Here’s what to avoid. Avoid isopropyl myristate and red dye in a petroleum base found in face paints. It makes it easier for products to glide onto the skin, but it’s known to cause rashes and acne. Steer clear of Henna products as they contain paraphenylenediamine (PPD), which can cause an allergic rash, especially if you are sensitive to hair dyes. It’s best to use silicone-based gels or organic dyes. Lastly, look for formaldehyde-free makeup.

Do a spot test

Before you apply makeup all over your face, do a test spot on your arm or hand. Certain ingredients (like the ones mentioned above) can irritate your skin more than others. Better be safe, than sorry.

Prep your face properly 

Before anything else, start with a clean and dry face. Once you have a clean canvas, apply a protective base. Moisturize and prime your skin for a long night ahead! We suggest our Intense Recovery Complexa gentle moisturizer for all skin type. Priming your skin puts a barrier between your skin and makeup that helps prevent potential breakouts. 

Take it off ASAP

It’s best to double cleanse first with an oil cleanser like Farmacy's Clearly Clean Cleansing Balm.Then follow-up with a water-based or clarifying cleanser, we recommend our Purify Foaming Cleanser to ensure no makeup residue is left behind. After removing the makeup, be sure to follow with a moisturizer.

Reviving your skin post-Halloween

If you have a reaction or a rash see a Dermatologist to treat it early. Take a break from wearing makeup and fragrance-based products for 1-2 weeks. If your skin is sensitive, reduce your skincare activities such as exfoliants or toners. Focus more on gentle cleansing and moisturizing to strengthen and repair your skin barrier. Opt for hydrating sheet masks rather than clay or charcoal based face masks.

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